Supply Chain

  • Four different branded boxes for shipping via e-commerce without additional Amazon packaging.
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    Permission granted by Amazon
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    Amazon proposes less packaging, more savings for its sellers

    Testing for Ships in Product Packaging compatibility often involves “a series of drops and vibrations,” a packaging innovation team leader said. Sellers can expect fee discounts for program participation.

    By Feb. 14, 2024
  • A close up of colored PET in a bale
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    Courtesy of Eastman
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    Eastman to turn colored, opaque PET into ‘virgin quality polyesters’ for packaging

    Midwest waste and recycling collector Rumpke has an agreement to provide Eastman’s upcoming chemical recycling plant with “hard-to-recycle” PET meant to be turned into new plastics for packaging applications.

    By Megan Quinn • Feb. 12, 2024
  • Four different colored tubes of Colgate toothpaste with the message "Recycle Me!" printed on the tubes.
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    Courtesy of Colgate-Palmolive
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    Colgate-Palmolive faces lawsuit over ‘misleading’ recyclable toothpaste tube claims

    A judge denied the CPG company’s request to throw out a lawsuit that consumers filed a year and a half after Colgate introduced a monomaterial HDPE tube. The product’s recyclability has been hotly debated.

    By Feb. 8, 2024
  • Different containers of canned food
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    OlenaMykhaylova via Getty Images
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    Can makers, brands won’t face higher prices on tin mill imports

    The U.S. will not impose duties on tin mill products from several countries. The International Trade Commission determination Tuesday came in response to petitions last year seeking antidumping and countervailing duties.

    By Feb. 7, 2024
  • Blue and red spray bottle
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    Syriopro via Getty Images
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    Lingering destocking trends affect Silgan sales, but CEO projects 2024 recovery

    CEO Adam Greenlee also said during a Wednesday earnings call that consolidation of five manufacturing facilities will support a $50 million cost savings plan, 40% of which will be realized by the end of this year.

    By Feb. 1, 2024
  • The tops of silver tabbed beverage cans
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    LordRunar via Getty Images
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    Can maker Crown to close plants in Illinois, Mississippi

    About 190 employees may be impacted by site closures expected in March.

    By Jan. 24, 2024
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    Justin Sullivan via Getty Images
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    Recycled fiber markets may see recovering demand, sluggish supply in 2024

    During a recovered paper market update hosted by ISRI, analysts said recycled content demand should improve in 2024, but global supply chain issues and supply constraints will be a challenge.

    By Megan Quinn • Jan. 24, 2024
  • A collection of cans, cartons, glass and plastic bottles laid out on grass
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    Nuclear_lily via Getty Images
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    The packaging industry outlook for 2024

    Packaging Dive takes a closer look at what’s in store for policymaking, producer responsibility, plastics and more.

    By Packaging Dive Staff • Jan. 23, 2024
  • Fresh vegetables and fruits at the refrigerated section of a supermarket.
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    Hispanolistic via Getty Images
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    New alliance aims to elevate food safety concerns as packaging waste regulations develop

    Food and packaging groups are teaming up as the Alliance for Sustainable Packaging for Foods in response to actions in the EU and elsewhere.

    By Jan. 17, 2024
  • A cooler full of various brands of milk in half-pint containers.
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    Lindsey Shuey/The Republican-Herald via AP

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    Deep Dive

    Carton shortage may last through school year, but brandless packaging brings relief

    Pactiv Evergreen said it’s producing half-pint cartons at maximum capacity as a supply chain disruption still challenges dairies and schools. Some people suggest the problem originates from an Ohio converting plant shuttering.

    By Jan. 12, 2024
  • Two people sit and eat granola bars
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    Snack and candy packaging wrapped up in federal foil import duties

    The Flexible Packaging Association and Consumer Brands Association criticized a broad decision on aluminum foil that they say will increase costs related to light gauge foil that cannot be adequately sourced in the U.S.

    By Jan. 11, 2024
  • Close-ups of multiple tab-open cans
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    w-ings via Getty Images
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    Consumer Brands reacts to Commerce Department tin mill duties

    It’s the latest development in the process since Cleveland-Cliffs and United Steelworkers petitioned for duties against several countries they say are putting unfairly priced tinplate imports into the U.S. market.

    By Jan. 8, 2024
  • Mixed plastic packaging laid out against a yellow backgruond
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    Almost Green Studio via Getty Images
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    5 packaging trends to watch in 2024

    Shifting consumer habits and manufacturing footprints, evolving end-of-life design and looming sustainability targets are some of the factors poised to impact the packaging industry this year.

    By , Jan. 8, 2024
  • Brown paper wrapped gifts with string ties.
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    Vadym Petrochenko via Getty Images
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    Packaging’s holiday connection

    Packaging is in the spotlight around the holidays, as consumers seek more sustainable gift wrap alternatives and companies aim to lessen waste while maintaining surprise for e-commerce shipments.

    By Packaging Dive Staff • Dec. 22, 2023
  • Two boxes on a conveyor belt ready for shipment. The left one is a product box with a shipping label and the right one is an Amazon branded box.
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    Octavio Jones via Getty Images
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    Balancing sustainability and surprise: Ships in own container hits holiday snags

    Some consumers become Grinch-like when their surprises are prematurely revealed by a lack of secondary packaging. Although SIOC isn’t going anywhere, Amazon says workarounds can boost privacy.

    By Dec. 21, 2023
  • A black and white photograph of the US Department of Labor's sign, with its insignia.
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    Matt Popovich. (2015). "Snowy Labor Department Sign" [photograph]. Retrieved from Flickr.
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    BLS reports fatal worker injuries in plastics manufacturing, paper mills in 2022

    The American Forest & Paper Association, PMMI and the Plastics Industry Association commented on ongoing efforts to improve safety.

    By Updated Dec. 21, 2023
  • Stacks of cardboard boxes in a logistics center
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    Rost-9D via Getty Images
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    Destocking, a pandemic hangover, lingered in 2023

    Inventory imbalances persisted, affecting results at many of the packaging industry’s biggest companies quarter after quarter.

    By Dec. 20, 2023
  • Ball cans and bottles.
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    Permission granted by Ball Corporation
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    Ball pushes EPR with deposit return systems in latest ‘50 States of Recycling’ report

    Recycling rates appear to have stagnated or declined because of pandemic-related shutdowns at many recycling centers and due to “inclusion of new and more accurate data.”

    By Dec. 19, 2023
  • A flexible fiber package on a conveyor at a fulfillment center.
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    Permission granted by Amazon
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    On-demand rightsized packaging technology is changing the e-commerce game

    Amazon and Walmart are among the e-commerce giants that announced rightsizing initiatives this year, largely stating sustainability reasons.

    By Dec. 14, 2023
  • Close-up empty crushed aluminum beverage cans
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    matka_Wariatka via Getty Images
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    Aluminum groups make COP28 commitment to recycle nearly all beverage cans by 2050

    Ardagh, Ball, Crown, Novelis and numerous associations endorsed a set of actions including government recycling targets and policies, better data collection and tracking and prioritizing can-to-can recycling.

    By Dec. 11, 2023
  • Bales of plastic go down a conveyor belt at Republic's Las Vegas Polymer Center
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    Courtesy of Republic Services
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    Republic Services opens Las Vegas polymer center to supply recycled plastic for packaging

    The center is expected to produce 100 million pounds of recycled plastics per year. It’s the first of several such locations designed to boost availability of recycled content as companies like Coca-Cola seek more for packaging.

    By Megan Quinn • Dec. 5, 2023
  • takeout boxes with restaurant food
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    whitebalance.oatt via Getty Images
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    Enhanced sustainable food packaging scorecard weighs chemicals of concern

    The collaborative tool, which food service companies like Sodexo engage with, now considers how food temperature and other factors impact the likelihood of chemicals of concern to migrate.

    By Dec. 1, 2023
  • A black crate with empty and clean glass milk bottles
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    Serge Cornu via Getty Images
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    Returnable packaging could cut material use as much as 75%: study

    Amcor, Amazon, L'Oréal, PepsiCo and other brands were part of an advisory group for an Ellen MacArthur Foundation project that assessed reusable plastic packaging systems for beverage, personal care and food products.

    By Nov. 28, 2023
  • Pile of plastic flakes
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    RecycleMan via Getty Images
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    US Plastics Pact advises on role of mass balance in PCR certification

    As the role chemical recycling will play in packaging evolves, the group aims to address questions and spur demand for postconsumer recycled content.

    By Nov. 27, 2023
  • Two people sit in white chairs on a stage with a green background that says "Packaging Recycling Summit."
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    Katie Pyzyk/Packaging Dive
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    Big things for small packages: Working to capture tiny recyclables

    Small-format plastic packaging can’t be properly recycled via conventional residential systems. Representatives from Estée Lauder, Ulta and MIT discussed potential solutions at the Packaging Recycling Summit.

    By Nov. 20, 2023